hi, we're popqueen. nice to meet you.

Pop Queen captures the inner summer-child that often doesn’t get to come out and play. It takes us back to those cherished times of climbing trees and feeling the sun kiss on our cheeks through the leaves. At PQ, it’s the little things that matter. Here, your inner summer-child is welcome. 


Pop Queen is a curator of popsicles as nature intended: made with fruit, honey (nature's sweetener), and lots of love. We're an artisan, dairy-free ice pop company. We use a small batch, farm to table approach in our products. There are no additives, chemicals, preservatives, or stabilizers in our desserts, and best of all, they are sweetened exclusively with honey. Using honey gives us the chance to support local beekeepers, save the bees, and offer you the health benefits of honey. 


We’re a zero waste company. Any unused plant matter is composted into our garden and all of our packaging is biodegradable. We hope to see a greener earth with this environmentally conscious approach. Pop Queen also donates 10% of all profits to environmental sustainability. Our goal is to inspire, empower, and educate the community, support local, and to save our environment. 


from our founder

The inspiration for Pop Queen came to me one night in a dream. In this dream, I was granted the ability to serve the earth & humanity. I had the same recurring dream every night for a month, until I decided to leave NYC and move to Miami to start Pop Queen. 

At Pop Queen, we partner with organizations who work with our future. Our mission is to set up children for dietary success, and to prevent dietary illness. We exclusively use honey to sweeten our products, offering people a dessert that not only they can feel good about eating, but also makes them feel good.

I hope that you enjoy eating our ice pops as much as I've enjoyed making them!

With love,


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